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We are back

in 2023

Did you miss Serverless Summit 22? 

We will be back in 2023. In the meanwhile we got you covered! You can rewatch all the sessions from last year's conference on youtube. 

The Event

Topics you can expect on the Serverless Summit

  • Architecture designs  

  • Use Case

  • Testing

  • Best practices

  • Security

  • Observability

  • Sustainability

16th & 17th of November 2022
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  • Create Value

  • Build unique experiences

  • Learn & Connect people

  • Share knowledge


On-site Watch parties

Fully digital conference with multiple watch

 parties all over the world​

Our Speakers

Tech Talk & Use Case

Principal & Founder

DeBrie Advisory

  • Visit Alex DeBrie's LinkedIn profile
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  • Visit Alex DeBrie's Homepage

AWS Cloud Architect

Transition Technologies PSC S.A.

  • Visit Karolina Boboli's LinkedIn profile
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Karolina Boboli

Alex DeBrie

Emily Shea

Head of Application Integration Go-To-Market

Amazon Web Services

  • Visit Emily Shea's LinkedIn profile
  • Visit Emily Shea's Twitter profile

Senior Portfolio Architect

Liberty Mutual Insurance

Sr. Serverless Specialist

Amazon Web Services

Sr. Partner Solutions Architect

Amazon Web Services

Richard Davison

Matthew Meckes

Matt Coulter

  • Visit Matt Coulter's LinkedIn profile
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  • Visit Matt Coulter's Homepage
  • Visit Matthew Meckes' LinkedIn profile
  • Visit Matthew Meckes' Twitter profile
  • Visit Richard Davison's LinkedIn profile

Software Engineer

The LEGO Group

Developer Advocate


Yan Cui

Sarah Hamilton

Milorad Stević

AWS Solution Architect


  • Visit Sarah Hamilton's LinkedIn profile
  • Visit Sarah Hamilton's Twitter profile

Senior Solutions Architect

Amazon Web Services

  • Visit Yan Cui's LinkedIn profile
  • Visit Yan Cui's Twitter profile
  • Visit Yan Cui's Homepage

Solutions Architect

Amazon Web Services

Marco Plaul

Martin Sakowski

  • Visit Milorad Stević' LinkedIn profile

Michał Górski

Chief & Cloud Architect

Northmill Bank

  • Visit Michał Górski's LinkedIn profile
  • Visit Martin Sakowski's LinkedIn profile
  • Visit Marco Plaul's LinkedIn profile

Team Lead

Seven.One Entertainment Group GmbH

Daniele Frasca

  • Visit Daniele Frasca's LinkedIn profile
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Panel Discussion


Mirror Inc.

Senior WW Builder Specialist Solutions Architect

Amazon Web Services

  • Visit Kurt Lee's LinkedIn profile
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  • Visit Gillian Armstrong's LinkedIn profile
  • Visit Gillian Armstrong's Twitter profile

Kurt Lee

Gillian Armstrong

Ben Moses

Senior Solutions Architect

Amazon Web Services

  • Visit Ben Moses' LinkedIn profile
  • VisitBen Moses' Twitter profile

Cloud Architect

Tyler Technologies

AWS Solution Architect


Allen Helton

Nemanja Mitic

  • Visit Allen Helton's LinkedIn profile
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  • Visit Allen Helton's Homepage
  • Visit Nemanja Mitic' LinkedIn profile

Ima Miri

Senior Solutions Architect/ Project Lead

The Trade Desk

  • Visit Ima Miri's LinkedIn profile
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Marc Schröter

Usman Khalid



GM for Amazon Web Services Events & Workflow

Amazon Web Services

  • Visit Marc Schröter's LinkedIn profile
  • Visit globaldatanet Website
  • Visit Usman Khalid' LinkedIn profile

Serverless Awards Jury

Program Director, AWS Cloud Residency


  • Visit Kesha Williams' LinkedIn profile
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  • Visit Kesha Williams' Homepage

Rebekah Kulidzan

Kesha Williams

Go-to-Market Specialist - Workflows

Amazon Web Services

  • Visit Christoph Gerkens' LinkedIn profile
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Christoph Gerkens

AWS Solution Architect


Ask the expert

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Tech talks


Business Talks


Lightning talks



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Panel discussion

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Watch Party

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Event— Format


Day 1

Day 2

4:00 PM (CET)

Marc Schröter & Usman Khalid

High Scale Data Streaming at The LEGO Group

Sarah Hamilton

4:45 PM
Key Architectural Decisions in Serverless

Alex DeBrie

5:15 PM
How Serverless, Event-Driven Architectures Accelerate Time to Market

Emily Shea

4:30 PM
How to win the game of trade-offs

Yan Cui

5:00 PM
Idempotent, stateless & serverless framework for shaping the culture of the future enterprise

Milorad Stević

5:35 PM
Panel discussion

Ben Moses, Kurt Lee, Gillian Armstrong, Allen Helton, Nemanja Mitic, Ima Miri

5:30 PM
Serverless First in Banking Industry

Michał Górski

5:50 PM
6:15 PM
Privileged access monitoring using Amazon EventBridge and other serverless solutions

Karolina Boboli

From 0 to 1.000.000: How to build a serverless raffle service for hyperscale

Martin Sakowski & Marco Plaul

6:20 PM
6:45 PM
Lightning Talks
  1. Innovating with Serverless - Ryan Jones

  2. Offline-first development with AWS Amplify Datastore - Łukasz Tomaszkiewicz

  3. The 1 Priority Change You Need to Make Your Serverless Tests More Effective - Marco Troisi

  4. From starting the experiment to the DevOps Guru insight in less than 10 minutes - Vadym Kazulkin

  5. A complete AWS Architecture for Module-federated micro-frontends - Antonio Lagrotteria

  6. Shifting left with policy as code - Ben Bridts

  7. Pimyadr pıɯɐɹʎԀ dimaryP - The Testing Pyramid in a Serverless world - Kristine Jetzke

7:25 PM
What Does Day Two Serverless Experience Look Like?

Matt Coulter

Lightning Talks
  1. Secure Serverless Applications against OWASP TOP 10 in 5 mins - David Krohn

  2. Dynamic deny lists management for WebApps - Andre Sonnenschein

  3. Accelerating your serverless datalake journey - Yogesh Sharma

  4. How have I united multiple GraphQL schemas under one facade - Igor Soroka

  5. AWS Step Functions: Steep Curve; Maximum Power - Matt Morgan

  6. Zero to Serverless Car Insurance: Lessons Learned - Matthew Wilson

  7. Start Your AWS Serverless Service with Two Clicks - Ran Isenberg

  8. Serverless + Autonomous: How They Maximize Performance, Cost & Availability - Suresh Matthew

7:00 PM
Blazing fast Serverless with Rust

Daniele Frasca

7:55 PM
High-Performance Serverless Java

Mathew Meckes & Richard Davison

8:25 PM
7:30 PM
Serverless Awards

Jury: Kesha Williams, Christoph Gerkens, Rebekah Kulidzan

8:30 PM






Serverless Guru
Amazon Web Services


Ingram Micro




Euro Cloud Native

#The future is serverless

See you next year!

The Serverless Summit 22 is over and we had a great event. 2 days full of exciting Talks, Sessions, Insights and Learnings.

We would like to thank all of the people who made this such an incredible experience and event! Thank you to all our partners for their trust, and thank you to all speakers, panellists, Jury members and Award finalists for their great support and contribution.

Special Thank you to everyone who joined the Serverless Summit. It was a blast.

We will be back with Serverless Summit in 2023.

If you don't want to miss anything, make sure to follow us on LinkedIn to stay posted.

See you next year!

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